ROARING FORTIES™ M190 SERIES Basic Yoke Level 150

ROARING FORTIES™ M190 series Inflatable Leve 150 is light weight, comfortable and easy to don. It is Dual Approved to AS4758 and ISO12402-3 (Level 150 PFD). With an actual buoyancy in excess of 190 Newtons.

The M190 series Inflatable PFD Type 1 uses our new 190 bladder for greater buoyancy and increased freeboard.

Special Features

  • 190 N of Buoyancy
  • Comfortable and Easy to Don
  • Light weight
  • Dual Lifting Loops capable of lifting in excess of 300 Kg
  • Chest height Belt with High Tensile Plastic Buckle to prevent ride up
  • No need for Crotch strap.
  • Internal Band for Light or PLB Fittment
  • Designed to float an unconscious person to a safe position with the head angled at 45º upwards in the water
  • Suitable for a person 40kg & over
  • Available in Navy Blue or Red
  • Available in Manual & Auto Inflation
  • Service friendly
***SMA recommends the inflatable PFDs to be inspected annually.  However, if the PFD is unused and remains in the original package and it's integrity is intact,  it is recommended that the M190 series be serviced by an authorized service station Biennially.  Download the Self Inspection Manual from below for more instructions.***
M190 series Red or Navy Blue, Manual Operation, AS4758 & ISO 12402-3 Approved - 
M190 series Red or Navy Blue, Automatic Operation, AS4758  & ISO 12402-3 Approved -