Safety Marine Australia sells the following Hansen Protection immersion suits,namely:-

                               E - 307         for fishing vessel,merchant ship and off shore applications

                               - Sea Eco       worn with a life jacket for merchant ships ( see below)

                               Sea Nordic   for fishing vessels,merchant ship and off shore applications

                               Sea Arctic    for fishing vessel,merchant ship and off shore applications

                               Sea Air         for off shore and helicopter applications

                                  All the above suits are SOLAS approved . However, Sea Air is also certified for aviation application.

                                  Made from different material either neoprene or PU coated fabric, they are flame retardant and they all

                                  have inherent supportable buoyancy except Sea Eco ehich requires an top on life jacket.. They also come

                                  with watertight zips, reflective tapes,gloves etc.

                                  Hansen Protection also has SOLAS approved work/survival suits to be donned by evacuation & rescue

                                  personnel for use in MOB operations,namely:-

                               -  E300-2

                               -  Sea MOB

                                  It has also a range of survival suits  tfor use in the offshore wind farm industry and the aviation


                               -  Sea Wind        SOLAS approved

                               -  Sea Pilot

                                  Hansen Protection also uninsulated protective suits which are SOLAS if worn with a lifejacket for ships

                                  which carry large numbers of crews and passengers:-

                               -  Navy Quick Donning Suit 

                               -  Sea Pass